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Video Combiner lets you merge your WMV videos in the selected format. You can also control screen resolution and bitrate flow by using built-in options. Video Combiner's latest yet user-friendly interface facilitates a wide range of users.

How To Merge WMV Files on Windows?

Vlogging, journalism and commercial use of videos has made videos an essential part of our lives. WMV is an abbreviation of Windows Media Video. These files are used in Windows OS to store media files in compressed form. WMV videos have an important place in the tech world because most computer users use Windows as an operating system.

Why Do You Need Video Merging for Your WMV Videos?

Video merging tools let you create big clips like a film by combining smaller videos. You can shoot your videos individually and merge them later on like a professional filmmaker. Furthermore, you can also merge songs, educational videos, and movies for better storage.

You can find uncountable video joiners by Google search, and the majority of them offer the same features. Too many options can be quite confusing, but you should select a video joiner that offers the following features.

- Spyware and malware-free installation

- Latest technology

- Customization options

- Curating of input videos into a video with uniform specifications

- Fast mixing of bulk videos

- Multi-thread processing

- Support for a wide array of video formats other than WMV videos

Video Combiner and its Supreme Features

Video Combiner is an advanced level desktop utility that lets the users merge videos with diverse specifications into one big video clip. The incredible thing about the Video Combiner is that you can use both the custom and default options for the output videos. This feature makes it ideal for novice and professional users at the same time.

Let us discover the supreme elements of Video Combiner.

1. Clean Installation

Some tools force users to install additional toolbars, games, and extensions. These junk downloads are the most significant source of spyware and malware. However, Video Combiner has a direct download option, which means you are not forced to install any other tool.

2. Hardware and Software Compatibility

No matter from where you get your videos, Video Combiner supports all video formats. Its latest technology reads different videos and combines them. Furthermore, it is highly compatible with the latest Windows versions. Video Combiner's latest technology keeps itself updated as per the requirements of the latest operating systems.

3. Customized Results

Screen size and bitrate play an essential role in the final output. However, beginners can skip these steps and trust Video Combiner. In the absence of custom screen size and bitrate, Video Combiner uses its default values to give you the best result.

4. Combine Videos with Different Resolutions and Aspect Ratios

Video Combiner uses the premium technology that lets you combine video files with different resolutions and aspect ratios. You can combine videos with 16:9, 5:4, and 9:16 screen ratios into one video with your chosen screen ratio. The output video never gives a hint that it had diverse video clips combined.

5. Batch Processing

Hundreds of video clips can be put together at once by using the Video Combiner. This bulk merger of videos is called batch processing, and it saves a lot of time. Video Combiner has a 100% success rate because it skips the corrupted files and combines the rest.

6. Format Composition

There was a time when format uniformity was a must requirement for the video combination. But Video Combiner lets you enjoy the liberty of combining videos with unique formats. You can put MP4, 3GP, MOV, VOB, WMV, FLV, AVI, MPG and many more into one video clip without any ambiguity.

7. Multi-thread Feature

Time is money, and a professional tool provides you with options to save your time. Video Combiner has a multi-thread feature that enables you to finish more than a single task concurrently. When it finished, final videos are saved into their destined location.

Video Combiner User Guide

Use the following Video Combiner tutorial to merge your WMV videos into a single video clip.

1. Use the Add icon on the top of the Video Combiner to upload your WMV videos to the File List. You can also upload your files by the evergreen drag and drop method.

2. Customize your video by choosing the screen size and bitrate for your output video. However, custom values are optional, and you can use the default options.

3. Now, define the output path for your video by using the "Browse" icon.

4. Finally, use the "Combine Now" icon to initiate the merging process. Mixing of videos will take a while as per the size of your input videos.

Video Combiner Homepage:

>>Click here to download Video Combiner Installer EXE

What if you want to rotate Videos' orientation?

Please use Video Rotator. Video Rotator is a Windows software tool that rotates video clips 90 degree clockwise, anticlockwise, horizontal mirror or upside-down. The program supports more than 15 popular video input formats includes AVI, MPG, FLV, MP4, WMV, MOV and 3GP etc. Video Rotator allows users to save the rotated videos to 5 popular video formats: MP4, AVI, MPG, FLV and MOV. The program supports batch mode so that users are able to rotate & flip videos in bulk.

Video Rotator Features

  • 90/180/270 Degree Rotation
  • Horizontal Mirror
  • Flip Upside-down
  • 15+ Formats Supported
  • Rotate Videos in Bulk
  • 100% Spyware Clean