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Rotate Videos Now Support All Windows OS
Version: 4.8
OS: Windows 11/Win10/Win7/Win8/XP/Vista or Later
Type: Shareware
Filesize: 25 MB
How To Install:
After downloading installation file, double click on it to install.

Download Video Rotator
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Windows Doesn't Allow to Install?

Video Rotator is clean and spyware free, and it doesn't contain any virus or trojan.

Unfortunately, Antivirus programs are not perfect, and in many times they detects innocent software as infected with trojan, virus, or said it harmful. This problem is known as 'False Positive' or 'False Alert', and it's quite common in small programs.

You can use to check the file, it has 40+ anti-virus scanners.

If you see the false alert after downloading, please click "Details", "Learn More" or "More Info", then click Run Anyway button to install.

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Rotating your videos so easy


Video Rotator Features

  • 90 Degree Rotation
  • Horizontal Mirror
  • Flip Upside-down
  • 15+ Formats Supported
  • Rotate Videos in Bulk
  • 100% Adware Clean